2 years

Disseny Hub Barcelona

The Disseny Hub stands as the reference space for the enhancement and projection of the creative industries, the dissemination of heritage and culture of the city on a global scale. With this horizon, the Disseny Hub deploys promotion policy in the fields of design, fashion, audiovisual, crafts or architecture, among others, welcoming and supporting the creative talent of the city and working with training centers, creators and business environments locally and internationally, the result of the agreement between the Area of Economic Promotion and the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and under the direction of Mireia Escobar. 

In addition to the permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Design Museum, you will also find the temporary exhibition “The Best Design of the Year”, organised and produced by the FAD. The exhibition shows the 500 most outstanding products and projects of the year, selected in the awards that the FAD associations organise in each of their disciplines: industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design. This year the exhibition features three themed routes aligned with the principles of the New European Bauhaus: Beauty, Sustainability and Inclusivity, as well as one focusing on Technological Innovation.


Opening hours:
Friday 3: 10:00 hs to 20:00 hs
Saturday 4: 10:00 hs to 20:00 hs
Sunday 5: 10:00 hs to 20:00 hs