2 years

Piramidón, Contemporary Art Centre

Hybrid space between creation factory and art gallery that merges the field of artistic production with the field of dissemination, exhibition and sale of works of art. Created to provide the necessary infrastructure and support artists in developing their professional career.

For AR-DE, the space has programmed two exhibitions: On the one hand, the solo exhibition of the former resident artist Khalid El Bekay (Casablanca, 1966). The exhibition is made up of the artist’s most recent works, in which an evolutionary leap in his pictorial career can be observed. Through the use of recurrent elements and techniques in his artistic production, the artist represents for the first time the human being in his environment.

On the other hand, the group exhibition 2022_n2. The exhibition is made up of works by the resident artists: Jose Bonell, Pepe Castellanos, Yamandú Canosa, Tono, Carbajo, Rosanna Casano, Iván Franco, Dedé Lins, Ana Monsó, Marco Noris, Poleno, Kati Riquelmo and Estefanía Urrutia.

Opening hours:
Friday 3: 10:00 hs to 19:00 hs