Training centers in design and architecture, coworking and hubs for Poblenou Open Night

Poblenou is the neuralgic center of Barcelona’s creative community where the training centers related to these disciplines meet in the streets of the neighborhood. Schools of art and design, higher institutes of architecture, coworking and hubs… they all come together in Poblenou with one objective in mind: boost the future of the creative industries!

Discover all the activities they have been preparing for the Poblenou Open Night:


The Barcelona School of Creativity, more than a high performance center in creativity, are specialized in “Inside-Out Creativity”, consisting in the assimilation of various methods and technics based on the development of creative potential through corporal work, surprising experience, representation and guided creative work. 

For Poblenou Open Night, they will offer a workshop in their space that will last approximately 3 hours and will be of Inside-Out Creativity. A training for creatives that want to stimulates their personal well-being as a transformative main point of creative production.

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Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Pallars 65, interior, Nau 4



BAU University Center of Design, Barcelona based and assigned to Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, teaches official careers in Design within the European Space of Superior Education. With spaces for teaching and experimentation with a focus on innovation and investigation. 

For Poblenou Open Night, BAU University Center of Design offers three distinct activities: 

Exohive: Part of last edition of Sónar+, “Exohive” offers an interactive experience with a speculative exobiology organism. Heidi Valda and Javi Albo, with the help of Luis Silva and Ruben Oya, introduce a science-fiction living being in order to simulate the encounter of an extraterrestrial creature. The installation suggests the hypothesis on the existence of life in the universe and an exploration of the limits of astrobiology.

Final Degree Fashion FilmAround twenty collections of fashion designs. Young, free and inspiring. All of that – and more – consists of the new Final Degree Fashion Show of BAU. The traditional fashion show of the Degree’s Final Works of the student body of Fashion in Design reaches a new dimension this year and evolves to an audiovisual piece that gathers the essence of the collections.

Music Urban District / MUC: BAU is one of the emblematic spaces that will be in charge of taking this special musical night in. From 6pm to 12am, with different musical styles and formats, we’ll celebrate a night of eclectic and incredible musical programming with artists from diverse backgrounds from Barcelona’s musical scene. 

  • Connie
  • Bel Loren (aka Isa·bel)
  • Marina Pravkina (JazzBetween)
  • La Portenya DJ
  • Natif Orchestra
  • Fatbwoy

Time: 19:00 – 00:00

Pujades 118



FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School, with more than 14 years of experience and internationally recognized as one of the best 100 animation and cinema schools of the world, is a higher education school with a high performance title. Only Barcelona based, they specialize in 3D/Animation and Cinema. 

For Poblenou Open Night, FX Animation invites you to attend to a movie night where you’ll see 7 short films from FX ANIMATION’s festival in collaboration with RNE – Ràdio 4, with strong international projection and in competition with festivals of Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of genres: fantasy, science fiction, romance, drama, etc. A unique opportunity to see their programming in exclusivity. We’ll see you at 7 PM!

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Screening hours:

19hs a 20hs

20:15hs a 21:15hs

21:30hs a 22:30hs

22:45hs a 23:45hs


IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Cataluña, is an investigation, education and production center, with the goal to visualize the future habitat of our society and building it in the present. 

If you’re curious about technology and innovation, don’t miss out passing by the IACC and get to know what are they up to. They’re opening the doors of their laboratory (Fab Lab Barcelona) to present the outcome of their last international projects. Come, have a beer and discover how to work for a more inclusive, collaborative and circular future through investigation and innovation.

Time: 19h a 21h

Pujades 102

93 320 95 20


L’Idem Creative Arts School Barcelonais an international school with more than 25 years of experience in the training of new talents in creative arts, specially in the fields of animation and design. 

At Idem Creative Arts School Barcelona you’ll get to participate to various activities for the special night of Open Night 2021. It will be a great occasion for the students to showcase their talent. From 7pm to 11pm, the public will get to enjoy the following activities:

Pixelisation workshop: Do you want to convert yourself in the marionette of an animation? In this workshop, we’ll explain in what consists the stop motion technique of pixelisation, and we’ll create an animation where you’ll get to be the protagonist.

Caricature workshop: How would your face look like as a caricatural portrait? Come and discover it with this workshop with the help of the students of the Animation Department of Idem Barcelona.

Design market: we invite you to discover the latest textile designs from its Animation and Digital Design students. The perfect gift for Christmas!

Creative Stickers: Spice up the look of your cellphone, computer or any other object with the stickers designed by our students.

And… Enjoy the live music at Idem!

Time: 19h at 23h

Ciutat de Granada 53-57



Bridge_48, a settled creative hub of Barcelona’s Creative District defines itself as “a bridge to connect emerging artists with more established artists”, creating a networking without borders based on universal collaboration that humanizes the industry and strengthen cultural diversity. 

For the occasion, Bridge_48 opens its doors to the public and presents a musical programming of 8 DJs in the auditorium with high quality sound and in two stages of Silent Party (where each participant has their own headphones). There, you’ll get to know a community of future music creators and their artistic projects.

Besides its programming, Bridge_48 will take part in MUC and will be one of the emblematic spaces that will be in charge of taking this special musical night in. From 6pm to 12am, with different musical styles and formats, we’ll celebrate a night of eclectic and incredible musical programming with artists from diverse backgrounds from Barcelona’s musical scene.

  • Radioborneo
  • Pankiun
  • DJ miss beat
  • Omvra

Time: 19h a 00h

Llull 48, bajos izquierda


Valkiria Hub Space has scheduled various activities for Poblenou Open Night: From an art exhibition on Entropic Constructivism, by Artist Guillermo Jure, a tasting of edible postcards with “Flipando en Colores” to an experience in an immersive environment using Chroma. All set with the Music of  DJ Sea miss from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and with a gastronomic offer by Golden Smith. 

Time: 19:00 – 00:00

Pujades 126