Discover MUC’s line-up

MUC celebrates its second edition on the 26th of November. A musical encounter where 15 DJs from different backgrounds and styles will perform within a programming area distributed between three spaces of Barcelona’s Creative District, offering us the opportunity of one of the most effervescent nights of the city’s panorama. From 6pm to 12am, we’ll cheer up in the company of an eclectic and incredible line-up with emerging and consolidated artists of Barcelona’s musical scene. 

Here we give you some hints about the artists’ styles, their particularities and abilities, as well as where they will perform during the special night of MUC / Music Urban District. 

Take notes!

Sala Lolita in Razzmatazz

For this special musical evening happening in Sala Lolita, we want to highlight the participation of collective LuzidLab that will be in charge of the visuals, and with the special live intervention of Artistic Director Mike Van der Noordt, mixing his creativity that will be projected in the venue.

Solazz 6pm – 6:45 pm

It’s not difficult to get into the Solazz groove. In reality, the impossible thing is not to do it. It sounds funk, soul, boogie, breaks, house and Disco, but there is much more than music. There is a very special energy that goes both from the booth to the track and in the opposite direction, an energy that gives the live a character that is difficult to find in others: complicity among the public. Solazz is a DJ from Barcelona with years of experience as a music producer and promoter. Settled in Ibiza for a decade, he is one of the hosts of the national project Supa Disco.

Mary PopAir 6:45pm – 7:30pm

Mary Popair is difficult to categorize. She works with powerful rhythms and melodies loaded with feeling. Her very varied sets stand out with minimal groove trends, deeptech and eclectic variants. Her sets have been played in various clubs and raves in the city, such as: MOOG, SIDECAR, Row14, Becool, KGB, Zentrauss, CSOA LaCdeB, El Patio, Bunker, Sonar Off’11, BetaLevel Sessions, BLoque 6.8, Rebel Party 2018, Queer Fury, Electro Glitter, VillaRosa (Moog bcn). An artist evolving without too much noise collaborating with different electronic collectives in Barcelona.

Mycola 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Mycola is a DJ and producer from Barcelona who has been working with electronic music since 2000. Since then he has expanded his musical bagage, dominating different styles such as Disco, House, Afro-House, Techno, Tech House or Minimal. He offers a wide variety of catchy rhythms during his live, always looking for a dynamic groove and providing us with a hypnotic mix between darkness and joy at the same time. A true poet of electronic dance who turns his performances into a true collective energy.

DJ HUEX 8:15pm – 9:00pm

Specialized in Dance and Gozadera, he fuses the techniques of turntablism, part of one of the elements of Hip Hop, with traditional sounds and music such as Cumbia, Salsa, Colombian Folklore and all these influences that the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean bring us, from Africa to Jamaica. He presents a sound construction live show, with loops, samples and a lot of Scratch, even the forceful dance, characteristic of HUEX, which with a long history of presentations and a warm-up with world-class artists has managed to represent Colombia in different festivals. His love for his neighborhood, Poblenou, leads him to wanting to share an intimate moment with the public of the MUC, with good vibes to exorcise evils.


Special guests: 

In this second edition of the MUC / MUSIC URBAN CIRCUIT we have three special guests, who will perform in the Sala Lolita of Razzmatazz.

Raul Naro

Raul Naro is a Barcelona-based DJ with a compact and solid repertoire. His mixes peck from the most danceable electro, the most vacilón dark disc and the deepest house. Raul Naro’s sessions are characterized by his musical narrative, regardless of who, when, where, why and how. His facet as a producer turns his mixes into a wide range of unconventional, danceable and vibrant electronic music. With more than 5 years of career he has frequented very different places; bars, clubs, events, parades, afterparties… Rooms like Apolo, Razzmatazz, Rex Room, La [2] de Apolo, Sala Vol, Ocaña and BartsClub have been testimony of his proposal without truces. He has also been on the stage of major festivals such as Brunzit Festival, White Summer and Urban Festival. In February 2021, he presented his first single entitled Just a Ride, a song with a dark, vindictive cut and an immersive groove. He also just released a remix of artist Chikara Aoshima on the RaRaRa Records label.

Les Rencards

The new sensation of French punk yé-yé made in Barcelona. A singer and three instrumentalists possessed by rock & roll, and followers of the loudest and most wild sounds. Practitioners of the most daring Punk, Garage, Glam and Rock with a stunning staging.

Merli Marlowe (front girl, singer), Marc Argenter (guitar), Gabriel Camargo Nogueira (bass) and Ian Kay (drums) are veterans of the European music scene and have played in bands such as Les Mortettes, Els Trons, the Grandaddies, The 54321s, Missing Souls, The Cavemen Five among other bands. Their passion is music, their live shows are tremendous, and they have also been sponsored by the great producer and guru of punk / garage since the 90s, Mike Mariconda.

LuzidLab – Cultural and Social Innovators

Luzidlab is a collective of audiovisual creatives with a strategic approach that produces immersive experiences for the cultural and social sectors. They are committed to creating jobs that have a social impact in an equitable and sustainable way.





Daniela Luzzatto has been in constant contact with music. When she was a teenager, through her parents’ vinyl collection and later recording mixes on cassettes for her friends. In her sessions she always seeks to generate a dialogue between different genres ranging from tropical downtempo, progressive house, indie dance and dark disco. She continuously performs in different places in Barcelona. She schedules DJs and musicians for her restaurant and for different events. She plays the piano, sings, composes and produces pieces for audiovisual projects, remixes and her personal projects. She has played for places like Mas Sorrer – Misonny Art Festival, Freedonia, Soho House, Poblenou Urban District Networking Party, Terraza del Vivi, Círculo Barcelona, ​​V de Vermut, El Rouge, Dr. Dou, Boca Grande, Bar Viu, Ameba Fest, Pez Vela and The Juice House.


The Argentine DJ and producer goes through sound journeys that are difficult to classify, since he is continually varying and experimenting with new musical influences. You can hear a strong predominance of House and Techno, through Breaks and Electro. In 2021, LUP remixed his first track in a 12-inch format as part of a various artist on the Barcelona label LOWKEY. Currently, he is working on several EP’s, ranging between techno and house genre with influences from various sub-genres, such as deep-house and tech-house.

Dj miss beat

Miss beat has been passionate about music since she was very young, she was 13 years old and she used to buy second-hand vinyl on the mythical street of Tallers. She decided to train as a sound technician and understand how everything related to sound worked, shortly after she was already playing in different venues and events in Barcelona. Her style runs through various musical testimonies, oscillating between funk, disco, dance and nu-disco.


Italian DJ and producer, Omvra is a project that, although born in a club context under an aesthetic marked by styles such as new wave, post punk, ebm and electro, is open to the investigation of other languages audiovisual. She has performed in venues such as The Garage of the Bass Valley, This Side Up, Macarena, City Hall, Sala Instinto, and at the festivals BUG, ​​A love Supreme (Konvent 0) and Femnoise Fest.


BAU Centre Universitari de Disseny:

Connie 7:10pm – 7:55pm

Since her teenage years, her passion has been electronic music. She started out like everyone else in a self-taught way and after taking a specialized course she began her musical career playing in different Barcelona venues. Techno with its most minimal and hypnotic tessitura and with references such as Donatio Dozzy, Svreca and Adiel, are the musical genres in which she develops a large part of her sessions.

Marina Pravkina (JazzBetween) 7:55pm – 8:40pm

In 2016 she started organizing the first JazzBetween events in Moscow, which she ended up exporting to Saint Petersburg, Tokyo and Bratislava and finally settled in Barcelona as one of the most avant-garde non-jazz Jazz sessions.

Her interest lies in the renewal of the relationship between dance and music, which is clearly seen in Jazzbetween and its inexplicable way of generating a space that can be co-inhabited by artists coming from Jazz and Not Jazz. This radical binomial is the place where Marina Pravkina finds the tools to build the “Grayscale” that can be seen in her art. As a DJ she shares her personal vision between jazz, club rhythms and electronic sound as JazzBetween music. Marina: “The DJ sets that I like to play are always invisible musical bridges between the past and the future of jazz, not jazz music with a warm sense of live sound.”

Bel Loren (aka Isabel) 8:50pm – 9:35pm

Dj and music producer, cultural agent and head of record label. BEL LOREN, also known as Isabel, is passionate about music and electronic arts. Versatile and with a great technique, she surprises in her interpretations with a deep and dynamic sound, achieving a personal style with a powerful musical proposal and an experimental sound. She perfomed at renowned festivals in Spain such as Primavera Sound 2019 and Brunch Electrónico or Marusionica. In addition to touring i Europe and Latin America on the main stages, she is also part of the program We are Equals (Mutek / British Council), Female Pressure and Femnøise.

Natif Orchestra 9:35pm – 10:20pm

Natif Orchestra is the alter-ego of the artist, producer and sound technician Enol Balado under which he develops his musical facet in the form of electronic music, revolving around Techno, Ambient, broken beats, and organic, deep and touch sounds acids. He has released his music on labels such as Berlin’s Betrieb Records, Stansa, Geométrika FM, or more recently the eclectic Diffuse Reality, as well as countless tracks and self-released works. His proposal, always in “Live” format, covers his own sound palette, based on samples of his tracks, field recordings, effects, MIDI controllers and various analog synthesizers through which he contributes to a great component of improvisation and spontaneity, two of the fundamental pillars of its staging and that make each live show unique and unrepeatable.

La Portenya DJ + BEX + Jairo Habib 10:30pm – 11:15pm

Céline Amelie Alcaraz aka La Portenya DJ is the Beatmaker in the band La Porteña y los Piratas. Alcaraz, artistic director at La Factory club in Sint Maarten in 2011, toured the Caribeans where her sessions evolved into Electro Cumbia, Afrobeat, Kuduro and other Tropical rhythms. La Portenya DJ & Guest Musician is the new project that she premiered last September at the Jamboree Dance Club within the Latin cycle of the Mas i Mas Festival. Halfway between a DJ session and a musician jam, she found the perfect accomplices to make them dance and travel through the Afro-Amazonian sounds.

The first is Bryan Cavier Muñoz N. who has significant experience as a professional flutist in the best-known classical music orchestras in Bogotá. He also has great versatility as an instrumentalist participating in Festivals of various musical styles such as Jazz, contemporary, modern and Latin American music. He is the manager and director of the project “LAPSOS” Body rhythmic research laboratory, and is a member of the research nucleus Organic Appropriation of the AOR Rhythm of the Varasanta Theater.

Jairo Enrique Benitez Habib is a Colombian musician who dominates various instruments such as electric bass, guitar, Cuban tres, flute and percussion. He works with groups of jazz, Latin, African music, electronic ethno-jazz and has worked one consecutive year with the Croatian National Symphony Orchestra. For the Poblenou Open Night he will improvise with his Tres Cubanos on the last, most Afrobeat part of La Portenya DJ’s performance.

Fatbwoy 11:15pm – 12:00am

Musical artist with 13 years of experience, he began in the Caracas night movement as an enigmatic figure of the underground imaginary. He takes his first editorial steps as a guest producer on the K&M Soundsystem project on The Get Down Records (Bristol) label in 2018. Reggae and hip hop are the catalyst elements for the unique sound of him that he mixes in.