What's going on 8 years



Antoni Yranzo

We open the doors of our studio so the public can take part of a visit/workshop where Antoni Yranzo will explain the history of the venue and his works of art. We’ll create a dialogue around his sculptures. (Resevations: elsetay@gmail.com).

A. Ptge. Casamitjana 15

T. 646 161 269

T. 18h – 19.30h.

Espacio 88

The great coffee party will take place all day long at Espacio 88. It will be the perfect place to taste and learn about coffee. The championship of Aeropress will be celebrated. On top of that, there will be talks, good food, beer and music!

A. Pamplona 88, bxs.

T. 933 568 818

T. 12h – 20h.

La Escocesa

An exhibit showcasing the pieces created at Montse Llupart’s sculpture workshop dictated in April at La Escocesa. Art works from artists Raquel G. Labuenaylamala, Max Dalmau, Wei Ju Pan and Sinéad Spelman will be exposed. (opening at 19h).

A. Pere IV 345

T. 931 650 020

T. 16h – 20h.


Art Market and Open Workshops. Tape-Art Family Workshop (12h-14h) Collage-Yacubovich Workshop (17h-20h). Exhibitions: NauArt collective + Santiago Adeoye’s “Migrations” (18.30h) and Open Mic (18.45h)

A. Espronceda 154

T. 934 982 820

T. 12h – 20h.


Try out all the disciplines taught at Onair and choose your favourite. Get discounts and don’t lose your place. It’s time for new challenges. Get ready, set, to the street! It’s Summer Time!

A. Pere IV 99

T. 933 096 656

T. 12h – 20h.


Graffiti artist Caesar “HOMO Littera” will create a live painting at 17h. Exhibit and projection of art works by painter Sasha Sementsev inspired by Ionesco, and phographer Isabella Antonelli.

A. Pallars 74, 3r 3a

T. 609 735 555

T. 17h – 20h.

El Tinglado

Furniture, vintage lamps, old books, pottery, paintings, wine, cheeses, homemade “croquetas” and children’s workshops. The entire family is welcome! Come and enjoy a pleasant evening in lovely surroundings.

A. Cristóbal de Moura 110

T. 666 515 436

T. 12h – 20h.

Estudi 78

Collective exhibit by resident artists:

Carlos Puyol. Workinprogress. Pintures
Fèlix Pons. Màscares
Oriol Aribau. Arquitectures

We open doors at 12h, vermouth at 13h, Cactuz concert (Nao Albert + Adrià Gonzalez) Elctro-Pop at 14h,“Dancing Masks” with UBALDO (Boira discos), electric guitar + Ariadna Montfort (dancer) + Fèlix Pons (masks) at 18.30h. We’re open till 20h!

A. Àvila 78, local 2

T. 685 023 569

T. 12h – 20h.

El Pez Rojo

Workshop where the attendees will take a picture of themselves (or someone else) with and instant camera and then modify it with paint (3€). Times: 13h and 18h. Six participants tops (previous reservation is required).

A. Espronceda 177, local 1

T. 699 201 910

T. 12h – 20h.

Utopia 126

“Proyecto Algo” (project something) is a group of designers that produce objects and experiences based on the research, the intuition and the collaboration that takes place at the space granted by UTOPÍA 126.

A. Cristóbal de Moura 126

T. 931 293 286

T. 12h – 20h.

Perico Pastor

The pictorial animal in its natural habitat during Open Day.

A. Llull 63, 1r 5a

T. 934 863 033

T. 12h – 14h.

Zvonimir Matich Studio

Explanation of the stucco and pigments on canvas technique.

A. Roc Boronat 56, 3r

T. 676 033 488

T. 12h – 20h.


Art exhibit. Creation of a mosaic with volunteers. Talk with projection of images about how we produce sceneries for aquariums, zoos, museums. Discounts on intensive mosaic course.

A. Ptge. Ferrer i Vidal 13, bxs. 2a

T. 653 472 440

T. 12h – 20h.

Barcelona Academy of Art

During Open Day, come visit the students’ exhibit to learn how we work and discover where we do it by taking a walk on our facilities.

A. Ptge. Masoliver 11

T. T 934 851 799

T. 12:30h – 20h.

Tallers Europa

Van Van Market, the gastronomad market, in collaboration with Poblenou Urban District, is preparing a special edition for Open Day. For more information, visit our website!

A. Joan d’Àustria 86, bxs.

T. 930 176 662

T. 12h – 23h.

Rosanna Casano Estudio

Open artistic space. Exhibit of recent work.

A. Ptge. d’Iglésias 8

T. 12h – 20h.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry invites you to take part in their surrealist marathon, a perfect afternoon to play and create by combining different techniques that include photography, creative writing and collage (5€).

A. Gran Via 757

T. 931 275 012

T. 17h – 20h.

Víctor Pérez-Porro

The “PixelArt” installation continues during Open Day: an original piece that will be, exclusively for this day, divided into “pictorial pixels”. Using the buyers’ information, a mapping will be projected — creating a new work of art.

A. Llull 63-69, 3r 7a

T. 932 660 571

T. 12h – 20h.

Rosa Rosae. Art Floral i jardineria

Two workshops: at 12.30h how to decorate a table with flowers according to the occasion, and at 18.30h flower arrangements for big vases. We would like to introduce you to the sensations floral art can provide as a form of ancient expression.

A. Doctor Trueta 204 bxs.

T. 629 761 060

T. 12:30h – 19:30h.

La Plataforma

Picture installation by Per Henrik, exhibition “COUP DE GRÂCE” and discounts in graphic artworks (12h-20h); beers on the house (12h-15h); gastronomy and vermouth (12h-16h); cocktails by Mixology Mobile (15h-20h); DJ Sessions (15h-20h). 

A. Pujades 99, bxs.

P. 934 856 519

T. De 12h a 20h.

Chez Xefo

“COMMON SENSE” exhibit + bar + screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 20h as part of the Film & Forum cycle.

A. Badajoz 46

P. 609 343 339

T. De 12h a 20h.

L&B Contemporary Art

Jose Luis Corazón presents his latest exhibit “Landscape” where a minimalist dispossession inhabits the pieces. Through a golden branch preserved in glass, he reminds us that we’re standing in front of a landscape stuck in the memory of the terrestrial.

A. Àlaba 58

P. 936 116 017

T. De 12h a 20h.

Piramidón. Centre d’Art Contemporani

Special Open Day preview of the “El espacio invisible” (the invisible space) exhibit. Commissioned by Rosa Pera, it’s a collective exhibition that features pieces by Piramidón’s current and former resident artists.

A. Concili de Trento 313, 16a

P. 932 780 768

T. De 12h a 14h.

bcndsn showroom

Vemouth and popcorn (12h-14h). There will also be a tasting of Jaipora craft beer and tacos by Mojo Labuela Flora.

D. Pujades 113, bxs.

T. 647 974 385

H. De 12h a 20h.

The Folio Club

The Folio Club presents the exhibit “Favorite Girl” by Ramiro E on Open Day. The first project by the photographer to be edited by Terranova. On top of the exhibition, there will be a guided tour of the printing facilities and the possibility of getting to know the graphic production the venue offers.

A. Roc Boronat 37

P. 933 569 606

T. De 16h a 20h.

Museu Can Framis

Be open to art! We celebrate Open Day with a reduced ticket price (2€) throughout the entire day (from 11h till 18h). There will also be two guided visits, first one taking place at 11.30h (in Catalan) and the second one at 12h (in Spanish).

A. Roc Boronat 116-126

P. 933 208 736

T. De 12h a 18h.

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

OPEN DOORS to the exhibits of Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona’s Design Museum).

A. Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes 37

P. 932 566 800

T. De 12h a 20h.