“Gallery Sessions”, live music with lighting by ProtoPixel

Gallery Sessions is a new music format developed by White Horse, Folch Studio and Record Play UK, with lighting design by ProtoPixel. A concept designed to encompass both music video and studio recording. Since the inception of the project in 2020, they have worked with artists such as Arón Piper, Cutemobb, Morad, Mala Rodriguez, Morad, Rojuu, Yung Beef, Alizzz & Amaia, Julieta Venegas, emerging and established talents looking to record an exclusive song in a unique environment.


The concept?

A format of live music sessions on a stage as a showcase at street level, halfway between a video clip and a live show, bringing together different artists and musical genres. The intimacy of three walls and the voices of incredible artists clash with the urban landscape that houses them, the street being their fourth wall. For the moment all the sessions have taken place at the Acid House Barcelona Gallery on Carrer d’Àvila, but the project is easily transferable to different showcases around the world, due to its versatile and flexible format designed to keep breaking barriers.

The artistic direction remains simple, letting the artist’s voice and performance take centre stage. In an age of design overload, they opt for a clean, contemporary and complementary look for the physical space. The iconic set, created with an array of sleek white panels, allows the artists to generate raw audio-visual content with no special effects, no gimmicks and no distractions. ProtoPixel lighting illuminates the artist in this intimate setting, in contrast to the city outside.


Lighting by ProtoPixel

ProtoPixel has realised the entire lighting part of the project, which illuminates the artist in an intimate environment, in contrast to the city outside. ProtoPixel is a platform for orchestrating light in space and time to create unique products and projects that are easy to use in everyday life. Through design-focused, people-centric software and hardware. In 3 simple steps, anyone can realise their vision of light: Design, Deploy and Control.

The unique luminaire used for the Gallery Sessions is the Digital LED softbox and has been made with ProtoPixel Create, a lighting design software that allows you to create dynamic lighting with images, video, generative images or code and make it interact with mobile devices, sensors, wearables or data in the cloud. The softbox is controlled through ProtoPixel Spaces (the ProtoPixel App to control the luminaires).

With this global and transmedia perspective, Gallery Sessions aims to explore local talent and show it to the world. We invite you to watch the last Gallery Sessions session with a performance of Julieta Venegas singing “Mismo Amor”.