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Niu: Schedule of this weekend


For this weekend, Niu’s prepared three concerts.

Today: Tete Ji presenting “The breath of the world”. An introspective, temporal and eclectic work, hard to fit into a style or trend. A music box where the little things become relevant. A glimpse of hope for a world that is out of breath.

Tomorrow, Friday 21st: David D Omni (Free-Hop and Cuba). But for the ones who want something more funny, different and current, this is your concert. David & VjCuba do a show with poetry, visuals, songs and party!

Saturday 22nd: RYFN, Lectromind and Sölna will glimpse which are their proposals through 3 live sets where we can find acid, electro, IDM, but above all, their particular way of understanding the breaks. Three artists established in BCN who have something in common. It can be glimpsed in them a taste for the music produced in the late 80’s and 90’s that went beyond the techno or the house.

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