La Plataforma gallery presents Block, its new exhibition

The gallery La Plataforma  (99 Pujades street), opens this Friday 7 October the exhibition Block, by the artist Sasha Sime. A new exhibition that is part of the AR-DE circuit of galleries, museums and showrooms for the next 14, 15 and 16 October.

The opening will be from 19:00 to 22:00h and will be attended by the artist.


About the exhibition:

“The first blocks appeared in 2018 as a contrast to a set of abstract expressionist works I was creating. There were three blank canvases, waiting to be painted, but instead of small details, scratches and flow I decided to slice the canvas surface to huge and massive parts – blocks.

For me the blocks are the visual expression of the focus. I grabbed one basic material: ink, and let it stream – slowly, stroke by stroke, being pushed by my receptive movement. Focus, repetition and gravity – are three components of the current blocks.

It was also my first experience with ceramics – a thick mud, flattened and chopped. A basis was taken from my ink drawings, and then I played with depth and material itself, investigating it’s physical properties” – Sasha Sime


About the artist Sasha Sime (Russia, 1982)

In the early 2000s he moves to St. Petersburg, where he studies Information Design at the University of Culture and Arts and Multimedia Art at the Pro-Art Institute.

In 2011 he moves to Barcelona, where he continues his artistic career, strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Catalan Povera Art, focusing on the emotional aspects of painting and on the relationship between the action and the image itself.

Years later, he moves on to a new visual language, drawing closer to the minimalist tradition, painting a field of color, gravitational points, and objects.

Sasha’s works combine the purity of the traditions of minimalism and the sensuality of abstract expressionism, subtly manifested in textures and details. As a plastic artist, he mainly deals with abstraction through objects, textures, shapes, volumes and various materials. Working with different mediums, Sasha intends to use a minimal and basic set of expressive tools, focusing on the relationship between the elements of his compositions: geometric shapes, color fields and three-dimensional volumes. Its compositions are based on fundamental physical principles: gravity, mass, absorption, density and resistance.

The BLOCK exhibition will be part of the AR-DE circuit of galleries, museums and showrooms. This circuit will take place during the weekend of 14, 15 and 16 October and will activate ten spaces in Poblenou with the aim of bringing art and design closer to the public, encouraging the sale of artistic products and collecting. As part of BLOCK’s programme for AR-DE, on Saturday 15 at 16:00h, the artist Sasha Sime will share his point of view behind the creation of the pieces that make up the exhibition. This “Meet the artist” is open to the public and does not require a reservation or ticket purchase.

Meet the artist: 

Saturday 17:00h

Sunday 12:00h


You will be able to visit the exhibition inside AR-DE at the following times:

Friday 14_ 10h-14h and 15h-19h

Saturday 15th_ 11h-14h and 16h-19h

Sunday 16th_ 11h-14h