The theatrical and musical programme of the Poblenou Open Night

Poblenou is the central nervous system of Barcelona’s creative community, where the scenic and music ambits come together to offer a quality, international programme. Theatres, concert halls, gastronomic spaces, shops, creative centres… All of them join Poblenou Open Night to promote the future of the creative industries!


Within the scenic arts programme:

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya offers a discount exclusively to Poblenou Open Night audiences, tickets for the BONOBO and MORIU-VOS performances can be purchased with a 50% discount through the use of the promotional code TNCOPENNIGHT. 

More information on Bonobo: 7pm to 9pm.

More information on Moriu-vos: 7pm to 9pm.


Sala Beckett opens doors to present us with a discount for the plays «Tocar Madre» and »El Deseo del Corazón». Sala Beckett is a venue dedicated to theater exhibition, creation, formation and experimentation, particularly focused on contemporary dramaturgy and the promotion of catalan playwriting.  


Click on the following link to attend «Tocar Mare» or in this link if you rather see «Bonobo» (Important! The promotion can only be accessed through these links!)

Pick the 25th of November, then select your seats and introduce the code OPENIGHT to enjoy the discount! 



The most renowned aerial dance school of Poblenou, returns to the Poblenou Open Night programme with the show ‘Bendito Reset’, a sample of the school talent with a scenic proposal that arose from their own creations. 

Tickets for sale on eventbrite for 9pm.

Tickets for sale on eventbrite for 10:30pm.

Schedule from 6pm to 00am


Within the musical scope programme:

The latest addition to the BAU University Center premises, Edificio Granada, is the chosen space for the Light Art Party, going from 7pm to midnight, a creative and musical programme with a light installation by the alumni of BAU’s Master’s in Audiovisual Innovation, a musical proposal by the artists Palladian and Son.Naro (RaRaRa Records) with DJs of contemporary styles that move between electronic and funk, among others. You will also find the Urban Art Store, a selection of works by artists who participate every year in the Windows Art Circuit / WAC. A night where you can immerse yourself in the latest novelties of art and music and see the transformation the Granada Building went through. 

Schedule: from 7pm to 11pm 

On the other side, between the Zamora and Llull streets you’ll find the Urban Block Party, with a DJ’s programme that proposes a journey through black music, from the origins of reggae, ska and Jamaican calypso, passing by hip-hop, to end up with the Disco from the edge of the 70’s and the birth of House and electronic music that marked the end of the 20th century and the beginnings of the XXI. 

Schedule: from 3.30pm to 11pm.


Bridge 48, Poblenou’s creative and musical oasis has prepared a programme with DJ’s sessions, especially framed within electronic music. You must reserve your place through this link.

★ 6pm to 7:30pm: Isabel / Adrian Biguer / DaGroove

★ 7:30pm to 9pm: Saulo Pisa / MihaiL / Lucas Lorenzo

★ 9pm to 10:30pm: Ele Eme / Balleclaire / Beghelli

★ 10.30pm to 00 am: S7G live/ Mat Spiaggi / Sisters Outlaw

Address: Llull 48


Codigo Sound, taking advantage of the presentation of the new Adamson S Series sound system, its digital led lighting and the new rotary mixer exhibition, will liven up the night with a proposal of top DJ’s from the Barcelona scene.

Schedule: 9am a 00:15am

Address: Pamplona 81


FEOS tattoos & clothes, the space dedicated to tattoo art and fashion, coinciding with Black Friday, will have a selection of discounted products, accounting for the presence of DJ Danibarrit who will be DJing in the shop from 7pm to 00am.

Address: Almogàvers 213


Garage Beer Co:

The legendary brewery in Poblenou will feature Urive, a DJ selector from Cordoba based in Barcelona. He has been a resident DJ at the legendary Fun Club in Seville and has played at other venues in the Andalusian city such as Prisma and Cosmos. In Barcelona he has participated as a DJ in many events related to craft beer such as Mash Festival. In 2018 he played in Dublin at the Fidelity festival. His sessions are characterized by eclecticism, a journey where you can find rhythms and sounds from all over the world with an electronic approach.

Schedule: 7pm to 00am

Address: Passeig de Clavell 45


Trash Talk

Trash Talk accounts for a wide variety of sandwiches and starters ranging flavors from all over the world. Rap music and pop culture join efforts to create an ideal environment for family and friends. 

Expecting the Poblenou Open Night is «OLDIE BUT GOLDIE», a party where DJ Hector will be in charge of tunning us all to the rhythm of the 80’s\90’s pop. You can be sure to shake those bones!

Address: Pere IV, 244



The bar with the sexiest bikinis and the most delicious cocktails in town has prepared a hot evening. At 8pm live rumba performance by “LOS SEITONS”. Success guaranteed! And then at 10pm, Funky-House session by DJ Soulvoyeur in the pool room located in the basement.

Schedule: 7pm to 3am

Address: Subirà 226


Maragda Pilates

For its opening on the Open Night evening, Maragda Pilates presents a concert of African music from 7:30pm to 8pm with the participation of the musicians Olek Ulasiuk Balafon, Idrissa Diarra Kora, and the New Ancient African Music Union (Naamu) percussion group. In addition, there will be an artistic surprise at 8:30pm.

Schedule: 18:30h y 21:30h

Address: Àlaba 45


Moryarty Pósters & Marcs

For the Open Night the shop has programmed an exhibition with the latest news in the selection of black and white photographic prints, oriental theme and vintage advertising, travel Poster and in addition, there will be a free concert at 9:30pm with Chordsplitter and at 10:15pm with OfMind + Expo local artists (Claudio Drë + Marzia Faranda). Free beer with every purchase.

Schedule: 6pm to 00am

Address: Subirà 140



Enjoy the most panoramic sights of the city from the terrace of Novotel Barcelona City, while you unveil our selection of cocktails, all enlivened with the live music from Manual Dualicy, a young and dynamic group that is sure to shake up the whole of activities that form the Poblenou Open Night. 

Free entrance. Minimum consumption mandatory.

Schedule: Concert from 7pm to 9pm; Terrace up until 00am

Address: Ciutat de Granada 201



En este espacio el artista @valentinisdev ha creado unos visuales que se proyectarán en el espacio inspirados en el Poblenou industrial, urbano y creativo. Él crea videojuegos y ASCII Art usando Unity-3D un motor gráfico multiplataforma 2D-3D.  Le acompañará la música urbana de @lucialucelucira DJ, desde reggaeton, chopped n screwed mezclado con electrónica.

Orval walls will be brought to life by the artist @valentinisdev, who has created an assortment of visuals inspired to be projected in the venue. The artist creates videogames and ASCII Art recurring to Unity-3D, a 2D-3D multi platform graphic engine. To accompany the evening we will have the urban sounds of the DJ @lucialucelucira, from reggaeton to chopped’n’screwed, mixed with electronic. 

Schedule: 7pm to 00am

Address: Buenaventura Muñoz 31