Eleven photographers and three exhibitions form the FotoFest at PaloAlto

From November 8th to 20th, Palo Alto will be one of the venues hosting FotoFest, a festival whose mission is to promote the art of photography at both a neighborhood and city level. 

The Palo Alto Foundation joins the FotoFest as a collaborating entity creating La Colectiva, an exhibition with 11 large-format photographs to be displayed at Palo’s Alto gardens and Las Naus, with two exhibitions featuring the work of photographers Pepe Encinas and Pierre Radisic. In parallel to the days during which the exhibitions will be open to the public, talks, round tables, workshops and colloquiums with professionals from the world of photography have been programmed, free and open to the participation of all. 

On the 8th at 7pm there will be an opening act. 

La Colectiva 

The Palo Alto Gardens will host for the first time a group exhibition of large format photography, counting with the participation of 11 photographers.

Les Naus 

Two halls in Palo Alto will be dedicated to the work of photojournalist Pepe Encinas with “El ojo que camina” and that of belgian Pierre Radisic with “Heavenly Bodies”. 

“El ojo que camina”. Street journalism by Pepe Encinas 

Tenderness. Above all, affection is what most of the photographs on display evoke. Because the photographer is respectful of the intimacy of the people he portrays, supportive and tender. 

Pepe is in love with the city, life in Barcelona and the daily-day struggles of its citizens were converted into the central theme of his work. In “Ojo que Camina” you will find a compilation of his most representative photographies, some of them, connected with the his experience of more than 30 years as a photojournalist, in publications such as Quatre Cantons, Grama, Presencia, the daily Tele/eXpress and El Periódico de Catalunya. 

Heavenly Bodies by Pierre Radisic 

“It was after developing the films from a session with a model whose body was covered with stickers that the negatives appeared to me like starry night skies; the first stage of the analogue photographic process seemed to me this time more important than the final print.” 

It is with this concept that Pierre Radisic shapes his creation of an atlas of constellations based on the female body, to represent this macrocosmic universe using this microcosmic entity, the body.

Pierre Radisic who has belgian origins, but has been established in Matarò ever since the year 1980, has regularly exhibited his work in solo and collective exhibitions around the most renowned European and North American museums and galleries. 

His work is the subject of uncountable publications and is present in important public collections, mainly found in Europe. 

These activities are scheduled within the Fotofest Festival, which takes place in different places within Poblenou from the 4th to the 20th of November. 

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