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Paula Peso will perform at La Nau as part of Curtcircuit

Paula Peso presents her new album in Curtcircuit on May 12 at La Nau in Barcelona, a very personal work, both in influences and lyrics. She leaves her comfort zone to approach other styles that are part of her musical background, trying new things and adapting them to R&B, the hallmark of the house.

Since she was very young she has been surrounded by music and singing has been her great passion. In 2020 she presented her first album ‘Teach You Right’, a fresh and energetic album that draws from funk, soul and urban music to create songs with a very marked groove and her own personality that she expresses through her lyrics.

Don’t miss this powerful voice with a very wide register that creates, on stage, a warm and powerful atmosphere in equal parts. In addition, there is an exclusive offer of 2×1 on tickets, enter the code “NEWSLANAU” in the promotions box and get them here.