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What is Institute For Futures by Valkiria and why will it revolutionize the future of work in organizations?

Institute For Futures by Valkiria is an open innovation community with a futuristic vision that focuses on building a better working world, revolutionizing the future of work in organizations through experiential learning models, focusing on transforming the talent of professionals through agile methodologies and design thinking, adding potential to achieve a high level of creative thinking. In other words, they investigate new trends that have to do with the future of work. Meaning new ways of working and new ways of innovating, but from a disruptive perspective. And what does disruptive mean? For them, disruptive is getting out of the mold.

They have been working since 2011 to create a community of people, companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and institutions that have innovation in common within the framework of the future of work. Iolanda Triviño, founder of IFF, began to connect with international movements that were closely promoting new ways of working.

“IFF allows companies to implement innovative ideas so that they really manage to transform human talent, make it loyal and adapt it to these new trends,” says Iolanda Triviño, founder and CEO of Institute for Futures by Valkiria.

Their experiential learning proposal is based on: models of collective intelligence, humanisation of technology, talent and sustainability, inspired by the Urban Living Lab ecosystem, an open and transdisciplinary platform for reflection on the territory, the city and its citizens. 

More specifically, what they do to add value to your projects is:

  • Transform the talent of leaders and professionals 
  • Generate open innovation models between entrepreneurs and organizations.
  • Apply Industry 4.0 technologies in internal processes or with clients.
  • Research through their international community in the field of the Revolution of the Future of Work

Institute For Futures by Valkiria has its own space. They are located in a converted industrial building in the heart of Barcelona’s Creative District. Its space is unique and multifunctional with 1500 m2, where you can live experiences of technological immersion, having as its core interest to develop new ways of understanding work and work management in a sustainable future. This is complemented by the design of events and congresses with futuristic contents, experts and methodologies.

To learn more about IFF by Valkiria, we invite you to visit their new website where you can find all the information about their methods, programmes, events and more.