The Urban Talks conferences are back

The Urban Talks of Poblenou Urban District are back. A series of conferences with the aim to open a debate with citizens about culture and creativity in relation to the urban environment. Three talks to debate transversely about liquid modernity that is in a constantly changing territory, such as Poblenou and that affects a multitude of industries within the fields of art, culture and creativity.

The Urban Talks will be held this Saturday, December 11 in The Loft in Razzmatazz from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and access will be completely free.

A unique opportunity to discuss art, heritage, economy, technology or sustainability with professionals who have stood out for their activity in these fields and allow us to see the future of cities with optimism.

In previous editions, hot and current topics have been dealt with in the fields of art, economy, heritage, technology or sustainability.

This year, we celebrate the third edition of the Urban Talks under the title: Culture and creativity in continuous mutation, with a set of three conferences to discuss and deal with modernity within the city and how it affects the cultural, creative and artistic industries of the area.

Talk #1 is entitled “Mutant Territory” with urban transformation as a result of technology as the central theme. A round table where we will discuss the impact of these constant technological changes in the urban space and consequently in its inhabitants. A context that presents a physical geography of data and cables that cross each and every street and demonstrate the occupation of the Internet and other technologies in urban space.

Participants: Frankie Pizá (Moderator) ⟶ Mario Santamaria (Artist / Teacher) ⟶ Giles Pooley / Mike Van Der Noordt (Luzidlab Co-founders) ⟶ Axel Gasulla (Domestic Data Streamers Co-founder).


Talk #2 is entitled “Design outside the margin” and aims to discuss design, increasingly widespread, projected into the future, fleeing from the trends set by specialized magazines, the most famous awards in the sector and races for finding new languages. A Design that is used as a protest tool and makes social problems visible, that takes technology as an ally and is carried out from a sustainable conscience, taking into account the impact of materials.

The following will participate in this conference: Frankie Pizá (Moderator)


Talk #3 is entitled “Expendable, Exposed and Unlocated Art“. Art is an indicator of the worries and phobias of society. In this sense, Poblenou presents a post-industrial setting that offers a large catalog of artistic expressions in search of interpretation and understanding of what is in store for us. In this last round table we will reflect on the blockchain revolution in the world of art through NFTs, the validity of art galleries in the current context of digitization and of artistic projects that claim space and memory as the focus of their discourse.

The following will participate in this conference: Frankie Pizá (Moderator)

Poblenou Urban District programs a set of three exceptional conferences to transport us towards the idyllic and desired urban space. Some Urban Talks that encourage us to stop and think about the immediate future, interpreted through art and creativity. How our involvement can be challenged within this liquid modernity and its precepts in the cultural, creative and artistic industries.