This weekend you have an appointment with art and design.

Art and design are some of the most important aspects of Barcelona’s Creative District, reckoning a multifold of venues that represent them and assure the continual prosperity of this cultural and creative muscle that lives in the city. 

In order to highlight this notorious and valuable trend, from Poblenou Urban District we have organized AR-DE, the circuit to wander about the best museums, galleries and showrooms of Poblenou, due next weekend, on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. An unmissable appointment to get to know the most representative artists and designers of the moment. 

A third edition that counts with ten venues from Poblenou’s Urban District creative community, intending to gather lovers of art, design and collecting. 

With AR-DE you will find an exclusive programme that invites you to explore the district, including a dozen exhibitions, art, illustrations, furniture and decorative objects. 

Ever since its first edition in 2021, AR-DE aims to strengthen and propell artists and designers, as well as to foster art sales and

collecting, highlighting the work of galleries, entities and spaces that form part of Poblenou’s Urban District community. 

AR-DE is an independent project produced by Poblenou Urban District that strives to approach admirers of emergent and consecrated artists through innovative proposals and by inviting the audiences from the whole city to Barcelona’s Creative District, Poblenou.