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Blit.Studio presents its immersive installation Data-ism at Sónar+D

Blit.Studio will bring its Data-ism show to Sónar+D at Sónar Festival. Data-ism celebrates the collision and fusion of the physical and natural worlds, manipulating environmental data to create an immersive full-dome animation experience. The data comes from databases on climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and habitat loss, drawing attention to the effects of human pressure on the environment. Data-ism draws a line between Darwin’s and Turing’s theories, exploring the new possibilities of visualizing data from the natural world using computer algorithms.

Data-ism transforms data on climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and habitat loss as never seen before. Further demonstrating that the gap between data and reality is shrinking every day. Demonstrating that the limits of technological evolution continue to expand. But most importantly, reminding us that knowledge exists, we just have to be willing to act on it.

You will be able to experience his immersive installation at Sónar by Day (Sónar Hall) from 15:00 to 21:00h. Also, don’t miss their talk at Sónar+D on Friday, where they will share ideas about immersive experiences with other Barcelona studios.