Never seen before: Banksy at the Design Hub Barcelona

Disseny Hub Barcelona is proud to host BANKSY: The Art of Protest, a major international show soon to arrive in Barcelona featuring original artworks from private collections by the controversial British artist whose identity remains a mystery.

BANKSY: The Art of Protest offers a glimpse of the controversial artistic universe of one of the most influential creators of recent decades through a variety of themed sections and unique creations, including a selection of artworks executed with different techniques: oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas and wood, limited edition screen prints, stencils on metal or concrete, sculptures, installations, videos and photography.

The vast majority of the pieces, on loan from international private collections, have never been shown in Barcelona and a significant number of works will receive their first public showing at this exhibition.

An immersive multimedia installation created especially for the show will welcome visitors, revealing clues about the mysterious artist, highlighting his most important pieces and framing his extraordinary and often controversial career.

The BANKSY: The Art of Protest show is accompanied by a free audio guide for smartphones, available in Catalan, Spanish and English, which will enrich the visitor experience by shedding further light on the artist an the pieces on display.

What do you need to know about the artist?

Bansky uses a direct form of communication, rejecting the system and its rules. The artist addresses his audience without any filters, and his works are visual texts capable of informing and inspiring reflection. War, wealth and poverty, animals, globalisation, consumerism, politics, power, the climate crisis… The themes Banksy explores are the themes of the world in which we live.

From his concrete trenches, Banksy challenges the rules of play governing contemporary art. His visual protest resonates with a vast and wide-ranging audience, to the extent that he has become one of the artists most acclaimed and admired by art lovers as well as younger generations.

BANKSY: The Art of Protest is a co-production by Disseny Hub Barcelona and Sold Out.

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