El Solar, the multidisciplinary space of Poblenou Open Day

El Solar, located at c/pujades 64-66, will be the space where there will be an endless number of cultural activities during the whole day of Poblenou Open Day. The highlight will be the mural interventions of different artists, selected in the WIndows Art Circuit / WAC call, who will experiment and try out new techniques and materials. All this mural proposal will coexist with DJ sessions, stencil workshops, augmented reality, gastronomy, sale of emerging art and gastronomy, creating an interdisciplinary event in one of the most emblematic plots of land in Poblenou.

The artists selected for SOLAR have proposals that you won’t be able to miss throughout their creative process.  Some are eclectic and others have a more defined style. In this article we present their proposals and all the activities that are programmed.


In addition to the large-format mural interventions that will take place?

Stencil workshop:

Allessiainart proposes a Stencil workshop for young people from 14 years old where they will be able to create their own creativity and apply it to the wall of El SOLAR.

Time: From 17 to 20h

Recycled Vinyl Workshop (Family workshop):

Studio ARDE proposes to reuse and re-signify waste paper, as a product of the printing of our illustrated fabrics. In this way, the waste comes to life in the form of stickers with which the work will be executed. There will be a collective Mural (with the youngest members of the family) in which the artists will work together with the visitors to the event.

*Drawing of the final product among the participants.

From 12 noon onwards


For Gourmets:

To delight your palate in El Solar you will find, on the one hand, the Dos Boludos Food Truck with slow-fired food where you will enjoy with Argentinean roasts and variety of the juiciest Sandwiches. You can’t miss the smell. We will also have Una Pizza Food Truck, a culinary project on wheels. They work in an old Italian Piaggio Ape vehicle from 1977, which they restored and transformed into a fully equipped pizzeria. A group of Italians and Catalans with a long experience in making pizzas at events and festivals all over Europe, Australia, Brazil and the United States.

And of course, in the best bar in El Solar, you will find Vermouth, a selection of wines, Cavas, Estrella, soft drinks and the best service at an unbeatable price.

Art Corner: You can’t miss in this emblematic space, a space dedicated to the sale of Art. There you will find a selection of works by the artists participating in the WAC. A good way to support the emerging and established art of local artists and also collaborate with the association that organizes this spectacular event, Poblenou Urban District.

Nearby you’ll find a News & Coffe, to relax and enlighten yourself with a selection of independent and international magazines of the latest art and design.



PHONK (Mike van der Noordt)

A multimedia artist from the Netherlands based in Barcelona. His background is sculpture/mixed media but from his studio he uses 3D graphics as his main tool, focusing on Augmented and Virtual Reality. He has a fascination for coding, game design principles and generative art on the one hand, and Primitivism on the other, aiming to create a dialogue between the past and the future.
PHONK brings the Found Object Art Movement into the digital realm; searching the internet for 3D digital elements and giving them new contexts by painting and (re)assembling them in 3D, and finally placing his digital creations in physical spaces through his Augmented Reality platform “A Digital Canvas”.



He is a Mexican illustrator and advertising creative who has spent half of his life in Barcelona. His art is friendly and approachable, but with a message. Pabs is distinguished by his simple, expressive, colourful and deep style, no matter what technique he uses. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Berlin and has participated in several art festivals. He presents us with a work that talks about leaving fears behind and looking for a way out. To believe again and be yourself.


Nacho Varone

Nacho Varone is an Argentinean multidisciplinary artist and designer currently living in Barcelona. Having worked for several years in the animation industry, Nacho always seeks to work with movement, tension and transitions through the use of instances of colour, shapes or textures.



Badajoz in 1979, trained in Fine Arts in Seville and resident in Barcelona. Galleries such as Art Raw NY, Mad is Mad Madrid, N2 Barcelona, Pantocrator Shangai, Addaya Mallorca and Centro 14 Alicante, the BAC Festival, Kronos Festival Barcelona and fairs such as Circa Puerto Rico or Berliner-Liste have seen her work circulate.


Studio Arte:

Flor and Pauli, Argentine designers based in Barcelona. Studio Arde is the form they adopted for an unlimited horizon. The space where they materialize their visions and concerns about art, design, music, urban culture… and a thousand other things that inspire them. In addition to their own brand ARDE, they function as a creative studio.


Nuria Palacin:

Born and raised in Barcelona, Nuria Palacin creates illustrations of an intimate and dreamlike character where colors are combined with the idea of taking the observer to an almost surreal universe.


Blah: Jan Vallverdú

Superior Degree in Illustration and Applied Arts at the Escola Llotja de Barcelona. Part time at the Acadèmia de Barcelona. Solo exhibitions, “Sense Títol 18×19”, at Nau Bostik in Barcelona (2019) and “Quel Chouse” Vernissage EXPO, Toulouse, (2019). Marlborough Gallery (Barcelona) 2021, Plataforma Gallery (Barcelona) 2022.


El Dios de los Tres:

Javier Navarro Romero (Almería 1985). He is a multidisciplinary illustrator, an all-rounder: a being who loves artistic creation and design. He likes to create images, symbols, aesthetics and stories from a particular colorful and vibrant world of surreal and baroque style: a mix that leaves no one indifferent.



Edgar Goás Blanco, 18/07/1990, A Coruña. Studied printmaking and illustration at the art schools Ramón Falcón in Lugo and Pablo Picasso in A Coruña respectively, ends up graduating with MH from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, 2017. Head of design and co-founder of the recording and design studio “La Séptima” in Barcelona.




Live Music

In EL SOLAR music will also be present to liven up for 10 uninterrupted hours all the activity of this emblematic space. The Line Up has some luxury DJ’s that to celebrate this tenth anniversary bring us their best sets. In addition, we will have the Sound System that amplifies the space thanks to Rebelmadiaq, a different musical experience that recovers the community spirit of black and Caribbean music.

Take note!


From 12 to 14:30h

Miguelito Superstar

From 14:30 to 17h


From 17 to 19:30

Mara valenzuela

From 19:30 to 22h

Raul Naro