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Discover the Windows Art Circuit / WAC program

The Windows Art Circuit is one of the main activities of Poblenou Open Day. A circuit that will create a… More →

El Solar, the multidisciplinary space of Poblenou Open Day

El Solar, located at c/pujades 64-66, will be the space where there will be an endless number of cultural activities… More →

Complete program of Poblenou Open Day

This Saturday 7th May from 12h to 22h Poblenou Open Day returns with a tenth edition, the reference event of… More →

La NAVE, the Cultural Hub of Art and Creativity of Poblenou Open Day

LA NAVE, located in the new building of the BAU Campus, is the place where from 12h to 20h will… More →

Discover the artists from Windows Art Circuit / WAC 2022

The eighth edition of the WAC / Windows Art Circuit arrives, one of the backbone events of Poblenou Urban District that… More →



We are looking for artists! Poblenou Urban District opens a call for painters, illustrators, photographers and multimedia artists to participate… More →