Enjoy guided tours of the Barcelona Design Museum

  • The museum offer its visitors an educational service team to be able to deepen its permanent exhibitions on a guided visit.

The cultural offer that the Barcelona Design Museum has programmed can be experienced in all of the three permanent exhibitions. Each proposal is a different and unique route that will make no one feel indifferent.

The first exhibition we want you to discover: Extraordinary! Collections of Decorative Arts (3rd-SIXth century). A chronological circuit of collections from the 3rd to the 19th centuries, preserved in the museum; ceramics, textiles, furniture, glasses, miniatures, clocks and other objects. The layout of the different collections allows you to establish relations between the set of exposed objects. Selected singular pieces to generate a dialogue with the decorative history of Catalonia. On the other hand, there will be other objects that have been many years away from the public. Further to this, this exhibition exemplifies a tribute to the collectors who have allowed the great artistic heritage of Barcelona to be set up, the result of donations and acquisitions of citizens and artists.

The second exhibition that you can enjoy on a tour is: Modernism, towards the culture of design. For the first time, the Barcelona Design Museum carries a reinterpretation of modernism, focused on “design culture”. The exhibition considers modernism as the beginning of the culture of design in a European environment and highlights the links and uniqueness of Catalonia. The main thing of the exhibition lies in the decorative and applied arts, crafts and industrialists to unveil a new interpretation of modernism. Delve into the modernist splendor and its link to the Noucentisme and its autochthonous artisanal tradition.

Finally, the last exhibition that you can enjoy with a guide is: The body dressed. Silhouettes and fashion (1550-2015). In this case, the Barcelona Design Museum explains us the importance of clothing in modifying appearance through certain concrete actions used from the 16th century to the present day. The clothing allows you to modify the appearance of the body as it suits us. It can be extended, widened, reduced, profiled and other modifications from different textiles and material techniques. All these techniques, changes, and evolutions of silhouette and fashion can be seen in this fantastic exhibition.

Three circuits to discover the permanent offer of the Barcelona Design Museum, weekly from Tuesday to Friday. In order to participate to the experience, appointments must be made in advance and with a group of at least fifteen people.