AR-DE, the new artistic circuit of Barcelona

The creative community of Barcelona presents AR-DE, a new artistic proposal with personality,  scheduled for the 10th, 11th and 12th of December.

AR-DE is a circuit of galeries, showrooms and museums with the objective to promote art and design of Barcelona’s Creative District. The intention is for the public to know better the programming of these places and encourage the selling of art and design. A good opportunity to get to know emerging and renowned artists and national and international designs.

With the involvement of 11 entities and spaces of the Creative Community of Barcelona, ​​Poblenou Urban District has organized this itinerant circuit to discover, during the 10th, 11th and 12th of December, different activities and proposals distributed between museums, art galleries, showrooms and design studios.

Within this itinerary, AR-DE includes an innovative project that introduces immersive technology through augmented reality and that will allow the public to see a virtual medium-sized sculpture in each of the participating spaces and a large-sized one in other three key places. Through the use of an app, designed by collective Luzidlab and a pioneer in the techno-artistic world, we’ll experiment a new form of “consuming” art, where digital interaction with the artwork and free access are the launching points of this new artistic circuit.

This app, named AR-DE, incorporates a map to localize the distinct participating spaces of the circuit. Each of these places will offer their own experience of augmented reality. An artistic work exhibited in the form of an extinguisher customized for each space.

Moreover, during this three-days journey, Poblenou Urban District is adding to its programming the famous Urban Talks, a cycle of talks in Razzmatazz with the objective to open a debate on culture and creativity in relation to urban environment. The Urban Talks are a unique opportunity to debate about art, patrimony, economy, technology or sustainability with professionals that stood out in their field and will allow us to look to the future of cities.

AR-DE, three days to enjoy and get closer to art and design in a distinctive way.