Off Llum BCN 2 years

Off Llum Bcn 2022: ProtoPixel presents Like Turtles by Artec Studio

The company ProtoPixel, which has recently joined the creative community of Poblenou Urban district, and Artec Studio bring us Like Turtles, a light work that can be seen during Off Llum Bcn 2022.

This work wants to capture the problem of turtles that eat plastic waste, such as bags, when they confuse them with jellyfish. This fact is gaining presence thanks to Greenpeace, who is denouncing the situation.

Like Turtles puts us in the place of turtles with an installation that denounces the excessive pollution produced by plastics in the sea through the light-artistic use of this waste.

The installation, programmed by ProtoPixel, captivates us with its soft dynamism and sound, which generates a fluid dance of 300 illuminated bags, each one representing a pixel, floating above us. The installation attracts us in the same way that bags from the sea attract turtles but, in this case, with the intention of making us aware first of all that these bags should not reach the sea and of the importance of generating eco-environmental production cycles. .

Artec Studio is an internationally recognized lighting workshop with more than 20 years of experience and founded by the lighting designer Maurici Ginés in 1998. We work with light, developing architectural lighting design projects, creating works of art and luminaires from their offices in Barcelona, ​​Mexico, Madrid and New York.

The objective is to offer their clients all the potential that shaping light can bring, creating works that connect space with people and corporate and institutional identities, promoting perception, knowledge and emotion.

Day and time: Friday and Saturday from 18:00 to 24:00, Sunday from 18:00 to 23:00

Location: Alaba 88


Hosts: ProtoPixel

Sponsor: ProtoPixel