Maker Faire Barcelona is back!

On July 1 & 2 the sixth edition of Maker Faire Barcelona brings together local and international Makers again! This edition aims to explore the influence of Maker Culture on how and where people learn: From formal and informal education to lifelong learning experiences. Maker Faire Barcelona 2022 highlights the need to rethink and activate a more local and diversified economic model, based on knowledge and in line with the objectives of the Barcelona Green Deal, and the 2030 Agenda. The sixth edition of Maker Faire Barcelona is held in a distributed manner, the main hub being the Campus Poble Nou de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra and satellite programs taking place at TMDC and here at Fab Lab Barcelona!

Program Maker Faire Barcelona:

Friday 01 July

12:00 Fab Lab Barcelona 15 years in the making: Anniversary Kick Off (EN)

13:00 Citizens at the center of food systems + Picnic (ES)

15:00 Distributed design in the urban context (EN)

16:00 Making, crafting, designing – perspectives on gender in the creative industries. (EN)

17:00 Makerspaces for a greener Europe – The role of the maker community in the New European Bauhaus context (ES)

18:00 Documentary Screening (EN)

19:00 Beers & Friends


12:00 Slow Lab

12:00 Remix the School

13:00 Making in a circular maker space: A Precious Plastics introduction

15:00 MINKE – Distributed Sense Making

16:00 The Future of Surf

17:00 Con-serve

18:00 Compost Station


Saturday 02 July

11:00 Fab Lab Barcelona: Rethinking the way we live, work and play in cities (ES)

12:00 CENTRINNO: What has heritage to say in a locally productive and globally connected city? (ES)

13:00 Exploring weak signals to design and prototype for emergent futures (ES)

16:00 This is Distributed Design: Bewildering technologies and increasingly complex systems, what role can Distributed Design play in shaping our future(s)? (EN)

17:00 Makerspaces as Digital Innovation Hubs for local smart production in Africa (EN)

17:30 Productive Hubs: alternative urban futures (CA)


10:00 Gymkhana

11:00 MicroBioMap: Known the urban microbiome to improve quality of life

12:00 Remix the School

13:00 Circular Maker Spaces Tour

13:00 Craft in the Anthropocene