Tot Cor’, the new exhibition at Disseny Hub

From 4 August to 18 September 2022 Disseny Hub Barcelona presents for the first time the complete collection of ‘Tot Cor‘, an artistic, collaborative and solidarity project that appeals to generosity and good feelings.

The exhibition is based on the ‘Cor’ vase designed by the artist and curator of the exhibition, Pepa Reverter, to vindicate the fundamental values that constitute the richness of human beings: love, kindness, humanity, ethics, respect, generosity and fraternity.

From this original red-coloured handmade ceramic piece, which forms part of the collection of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, a series of creators from different origins and styles, representing the great cultural diversity that surrounds us, have created a large family of choirs. Tot Cor. Art, design and craftsmanship speak of love’ includes up to 24 works by the artists and designers Juli Capella, Lolita Cortés, Rosa Cortiella, los díez, Meritxell Duran, Catalina Estrada, Jaime Hayon, Javirroyo, Miralda, Marre Moerel, Sergio Mora, Lázaro Rosa-Violà, Anna Ruiz, Jordi Torres and Ramón Úbeda. All the pieces have been handcrafted in Barcelona, in the workshop of José Antonio Gómez Gómez, and with the professional skill of Claudio de José Gomar.

In the future, other authors will join this project in which photographers such as Eugeni Juncosa, Sara Cuadrado, Marcela Grassi, Carlos Iglesias, Matías Pérez Llera, Rafael Vargas and Dayron Vera, as well as the floral stylists Flowers by Bornay, Madrid Flowers School, Itzi Guridi, Manuela Sosa of Gang and the wool and Horta de la Viola will also be collaborating.

As the curator of the exhibition, Pepa Reverter, explains, “the silhouette of the heart is a universal symbol, present in many cultures, and we resort to it when we want to share and externalise feelings”. And she adds: “we have materialised the heart as an iconic object, which apparently has the simple function of a jug, to turn it into the basis of an artistic project. That is the merit of art, that it can turn something that is abstract, like a feeling, into something formal to give it visibility and charge it with meaning”.

Pepa Reverter has designed this vase as a manifesto with the idea of sending a collective message of hope and with the intention of making the project grow.  The aim is that in the future it will acquire other dimensions and formats where it will be possible to continue talking about love and good feelings with creativity and through design.


A project in solidarity with people affected by ALS

An important part of the ‘Todo Corazón’ project is solidarity with people suffering from incurable diseases that are invisible to a large part of society. For this reason, all the pieces in the collection are sold and part of the profits generated by sales will go to the Miquel Valls Foundation.

This is a private, non-profit organisation, a pioneer in Spain, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and other motor neuron diseases, which cause great suffering both for the people who suffer from them and for those who have experienced them first-hand. This is the case of the creator of the exhibition, Pepa Reverter, who got to know ALS at close quarters with her mother, Paquita Sancho, the driving force behind this project that aims to highlight the value of kind, generous and exemplary people.

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