All the workshops, talks and leisure activities of Poblenou Open Day

Poblenou Open Day is back for a tenth edition on May 7th and, as every year, the public will be able to enjoy workshops, talks and leisure activities to nourish their minds and learn in a playful way. Here we tell you all about it.


El Solar

In “El Solar” there will be mural interventions by different artists selected in the call of the Windows Art Circuit / WAC, experimenting and trying out new techniques and materials. All this mural proposal will coexist with DJ sessions, theatre, stencil workshop, augmented reality, gastronomy, sale of emerging art, creating an interdisciplinary event in one of the most emblematic plots of land in Poblenou.

Schedule: 12h – 20h

Address: Pujades, 64-66


BAU x David Ruiz and Giles Pooley

In addition to the group exhibition at BAU of the artists participating in this year’s edition of the Windows Art Circuit / WAC and also from previous editions, several activities will be take place:

  • Serigraphy workshop

You’ll get to enjoy the family serigraphy workshops led by Ramon París, a specialist in this printing technique with different materials.

  • Talk by David Ruiz

The designer and member of the Creative District community David Ruiz will give a talk on creativity and will present his book “irse.

Limited capacity

Time: 12h – 14h

  • Talk: Introduction to Digital Canvas by Luzidlab

Luzidlab co-founders Mike van der Noordt and Giles Pooley will present DIGITAL CANVAS, an augmented reality platform that allows artists to create digital art of all kinds/scales and place it anywhere in the city of Barcelona.

Time: 17h – 18h


Time: 12h – 20h

Address: Ciudad de Granada 34


Medio Design

In addition to opening its doors to the public to showcase three exhibitions of projects under development, Medio Design invites architects, interior designers, designers, artists and creatives to a 15-minute personal meeting to seek synergies and explain who they are, what they do and how they can help create extraordinary projects. 

Admission is free and you need to book a visit in advance. 

Timetable: 12h – 19h

Address: Pallars 85-91, 5-2

Arrange a visit (activity for professional audiences only)


Barcelona School of Creativity

The Barcelona School of Creativity invites you to “Unlocking Creativity”, a surprising Inside Out Creativity workshop that invites you to develop a predisposition and creative attitudes to activate your potential. Three hours of movement, spontaneity and automatic writing that will not leave you indifferent. An original way to learn to connect with yourself as a source of inspiration and to stimulate and unblock your creativity. 

Timetable: 12h – 14h / 16h – 18h

Address: Pallars 65

Morning shift 

Afternoon shift  


TSH Campus Marina

TSH Campus Marina invites you to relax in a safe and peaceful environment with a Yoga Vinyasa & Gong session on its rooftop. Get ready to connect body and mind surrounded by breathtaking views of the city of Barcelona. To be able to participate in this event it is necessary to complete the registration. 

Schedule: from 11am

Address: Sáncho de Ávila 22




FX ANIMATION offers you this year a wide range of activities to create and be inspired. 

Firstly, from 12.30 to 13h, they invite all those passionate about drawing to participate in their Concept Art workshop, a workshop led by Alex Ruz, teacher of the concept art area of FX ANIMATION. Secondly, from 18h to 19h they offer 3 simultaneous Masterclasses in the areas of visual effects, post production and real time with Unreal Engine:

  1. From FX ANIMATION to Hollywood

Francecs Bolló (Dune, The Lion King, The Jungle Book…) and Marc Domínguez (The Little Mermaid, Nope, Pinocchio…) both AlumniX and FX ANIMATION teachers, will share with you their work experience as VFX (visual effects) artists in Hollywood blockbusters.

  1. The real time revolution

Javier Fernández, one of the few Unreal Engine certified instructors in the country and FX ANIMATION teacher, will explain how this real-time engine has revolutionised cinema and animation. 

  1. The magic of postproduction 

Toni Mena, Technical Director of FX ANIMATION and postproduction professional with extensive experience in productions that have reached the Oscars, among other nominations and awards, will explain the magic of postproduction in cinema.


In addition to the workshop and Masterclasses, FX ANIMATION will also have a poetry recital in the morning and live music from 19h30. 

Limited capacity.

Schedule: 12h – 22h

Address: Pujades, 112



ALAS Artes en Movimiento

For this Poblenou Open Day, ALAS Artes en Movimiento invites you to a ceremony guided by Mónica Extremiana and Ona Mestre who will guide you through a simple and delicious dance experience, suitable for all audiences. 

Session times: 17h15 / 18h / 18h45 / 19h30

Address: Passatge de Masoliver, 25, 1ª


Fundació Ared

At Fundació Ared you will have the opportunity to learn how to make a personalized leather purse, using a pattern provided by the teacher. This workshop is aimed at people with little or no experience in the world of sewing, and with interest and motivation to learn to sew and develop their skills and knowledge in the field.

Timetable: Choose between 12h – 13h / 13h30 – 14h30 / 17h30 – 18h30.

Address: Zamora 103-105 ground floor


Museu Can Framis

The Museu Can Framis is not only offering you reduced admission this May 7th, but it is also carrying out a family activity called “Transporting Art”. An everyday object is hidden in some of the museum’s works. To discover it, families will have to let themselves be carried away by the colours, shapes and textures of the works and visit unexpected places. After the guided tour of the permanent exhibition, adults and children will put their discoveries into practice by creating their own work.

Opening hours: 11.30 am (the museum can be visited from 11 am to 6 pm)

Address: Roc Boronat, 116



Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish invites you to the Urban Naturalism workshop, where you will be able to stimulate your personal gaze through a walk designed with precise and imprecise instructions. Through drawing, writing, photography and other techniques, you will be able to capture scenes of reality and catalogue them. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Timetable: 11am – 2pm

Address: Gran Vía, 757



Open Design Studio

For this Poblenou Open Day, Open Design Studio invites you to participate in “OpenTalk! It’s a match”, an essential talk to start expanding your artistic or cultural project. Through this participative workshop you will learn the keys to outline a strategy that will serve as a guide to spread your project and how to create an online communication that will reach many more people. Limited places. 

Time: from 12h – 14h

Address: Palo Alto, Pellaires, 30 – 38



El Taller de Joyería

Taller de Joyería offers you a two-hour workshop in which you will be guided to learn how to make a textured silver ring. At the end of the workshop, you can take away your final results. It is a free workshop, but places are limited, so it is necessary to book in advance by email or by phone.

Timetable: 17h – 21h

Address: Marià Aguiló, 123, local 2

Reservations: 933 005 060 /


Bloomint Design

Bloomint Design opens the doors of its design and architecture studio to offer you two workshops of approximately 50 minutes: with a welcome cocktail, they will introduce you to the office, the materials and fabrics area, and explain how to make a moodboard for a space, to finally put it into practice in a group.

Time: 18h – 20h

Address: Pere IV, 29-35




Together with Bail Out’s partners who are always looking for fun and entertainment in unique spaces for events, Valkiria proposes a new combination with ball sports. The competition of football, mixed with the precision and speed of a table football. You don’t need to run, but you do need to have a strategy ready for the next move. An activity to come with friends and family.

Timetable: 12h – 20h

Address: Pujades, 126


Golden & Smith by Valkiria

Golden & Smith by Valkiria proposes the event “From the video game ‘Resident Evil’ LADY DIMISTRESCU invites Helena Mankowska to her party”, where you can get the autograph of the actress. Tickets to be bought in advance. 

Time: 19h – 20h

Address: Pujades, 126