Come to the Indissoluble Garage and discover the story of “The Crocodile”.

Indissoluble opens its doors to celebrate the tenth edition of Open Day and presents three performances of the play “El Cocodrilo”, a project by artist Enrique Radigales and his family with Alexis Gallado, Blanca Torres and Cristina Artés.

“… About how a gentleman of notable presence was devoured alive, in one bite, by a crocodile exhibited in a commercial gallery and how that originated”.

This is how the fantastic tale of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky “The Crocodile”, published in 1865, on which Los Simplots‘ play is based, begins. An adaptation by Alexis Callado, a script by Blanca Torres and illustrations by Cristina Artés, the story is turned into a shadow theater, where Radigales and his family give life to the characters in a literary, visual and sound experimentation not to be missed.

The work summarizes the evolution of the world in the incipient end of the anthropocene era. A Western civilization represented in that Crystal-Palace that Dostoevsky had visited during his stay in London in 1862. The palace of the universal exhibition in South Kensington, with its enormous symbolic and programmatic dimensions of this hybrid architectural construction, came to impose on us, according to the writer, the idea that social life could only develop in a domestically ordered and artificially air-conditioned space. Also, why not, in the enlarged interior of “the belly of a crocodile”.

Aimed at the whole family from seven years of age, it is free admission and there will be three performances of approximately 25 minutes during the day on May 7: one at 12:30 pm, another at 3:30 pm and the last one at 5:30 pm.

In addition, there will be bar service and screenings of Indissoluble’s most outstanding works during breaks in the performances.


Address: Pujades 130

Time: open until 20 hs