Poblenou Urban District opens a call for painters, muralists, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, multimedia artists and performers to participate in the 6th edition of Windows Art Circuit/ WAC.*

The WAC is a circuit that aims to promote both emerging artists and established artists in a selection of spaces of the Poblenou Urban District. The circuit will create an artistic map in stained glass windows that will be intervened live by plastic artists, thus constituting a pictorial map with which to give visibility to illustrators and muralists.

Artists will be able to intervene live or to exhibit their work. As every year, Poblenou urban District will provide the technical conditions necessary to carry out the exhibitions and interventions in the participating spaces. 

The jury is made up of:

Barcelona Academy of Art: Jordi Díaz
Colectivo Difusor: Xavier Ballaz and Anna Manaia
Montana Colors: Marc Mascort
Piramidón Centre d’Art Contemporani: Jordi Bohigas and Joan Rendé
Poblenou Urban District: Claudia Costa, Ana Vidal and Albert Martínez

Through participation, the selected artists will obtain dissemination of the project in all the media available to Poblenou Urban District, as well as in the communication campaign that will be launched.

Once again, Montana Colors will collaborate providing the artists with the necessary material to carry out the mural interventions.

Montana supports urban art since 1994, being the first paint brand specialized in graphite art, making its headquarters in Barcelona a benchmark for urban artists from the rest of Europe. They are characterized by their independent character in a globalized world, since they have been faithful to their values ​​for more than twenty-five years: creating a first quality product, with an excellent finish and also respecting the environment.

Participation requirements:

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, 11th May at 24h.
Any proposal outside this limit will not be accepted and the jury’s resolution will be communicated via email.

*We are defining the new WAC celebration date due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you register we will keep you informed.