Discover the Windows Art Circuit / WAC program

The Windows Art Circuit is one of the main activities of Poblenou Open Day. A circuit that will create a map of urban art that allows the public to experience live the whole process of creating mural art on unconventional media such as windows, blinds and walls of spaces in the Creative District of Barcelona. The interventions will be performed live by visual artists, thus building a pictorial map with which to give visibility to emerging and established artists.

The Windows Art Circuit will be held this May 7th within the framework of Poblenou Open Day and we are already celebrating its 8th edition with new artists who will bring life to the neighborhood with their creations. The winning artists of the call for the 8th edition of Windows Art Circuit have been selected from more than 60 proposals through a professional jury and academics who, with their different points of view, have given a critical perspective on the viability and power of the proposals.

Piramidón, Contemporary Art Center: Jordi Bohigas and Guillem Serra

Montana Colors Cultura: Marc Mascort

Head of Arnau Gallery:  Antoine Careil

BAU University Center of Arts and Design: Anna Clemente, professor from the art department from the Design degree at BAU.

Poblenou Urban District: Claudia Costa and Ana Vidal.

The art circuit is sponsored by Montana Colors, the brand that has been supporting urban art since 1994. Montana was the first paint brand specialized in graffiti art, making its headquarters in Barcelona a reference for urban artists in the rest of Europe. They are characterized by their independent character in a globalized world, as they have been faithful to their values for twenty years: to create a top quality product, with an excellent finish while also respecting the environment.

The SOLAR will be an outstanding meeting point within the WAC artists’ program. In fact, the jewel in the crown will be the mural interventions of different artists, selected in the WAC call, who will experiment and try new techniques and materials. All this mural proposal will coexist with DJ’s sessions, theater, stencil workshops, augmented reality, gastronomy, sale of emerging art and gastronomy, creating an interdisciplinary event in one of the most emblematic plots of Poblenou. The artists participating in the mural interventions are: Pabs, Nacho Varone, SOCATOBA, Studio Arde, Nuria Palacin, Blah, El dios de los tres, Wedo, PHONK.

LA FACHADA will be another meeting point where the artist Tim Marsh will intervene with his work on the wall of the street Pujades 110 with Àvila 75.

Right next door is EL LATERAL, at Pujades 106-108, where Asis Percales, Geco, and Carola Bagnato will be performing.

The other places where you can find mural interventions are:

At Blow Hair Salon with No queda Tinte · At Cacho we will find Vektorama · At the Hilton Hotel, FlaviaRainone · At IAAC, SISC · IBIS Styles Barcelona City Bogatell, GALKINAGALK · At Indissoluble you will find Betan Prismas · At The Hoxton Poblenou, Votto · At TSH Campus Marina, Typo Rosa · and at the restaurant Warike, Yoshi Sislay.

Learn more about the artists of the Windows Art Circuit / WAC 2022



Using a surreal visual universe, he wants to invite the audience to enter a world where the rules of the real world don’t apply. He wants to show the interconnection and the very big link between the human being and his natural environment. The dimension of coexistence with the fauna and the flora that we forget little by little with the transformation of modern societies. Through symbolism he also shows us the fragility of this balance and contributes to sensitize people on the subject of ecology through paintings and this dreamlike universe.


Her pieces are textile canvases that have been carried out based on textile experimentation, inspired by graffiti and underground culture. It’s a mix between her current environment and practices of professions that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family, such as sewing, thus re-creating the practice in its most contemporary form, adapting and experimenting with new forms, new concepts, new textures and new re-interpretations. She lives it as a process of empowerment, and wants to show us these results full of life and mixtures of practices and professions, which she lives as a process of taking what is done on the wall, to the textile canvas.

Alejandro Macizo

Totems is a series of drawings and paintings that was born in 2019 as a result of his interest in sculpture. These pieces are created without previous sketch and trying to use a continuous stroke technique. During the last years the project has evolved regarding the use of materials, techniques and formats, but always remaining on paper or canvas in order to explore the possibilities of form before turning them into sculptural pieces of various dimensions. On this occasion his intention is to investigate the possibilities of the format producing three paintings (triptych) of 2 x 3 mts each.

Lisa Rubin

Having lived in New York and other urban centers, she has come to love the development of street art as we know it, but must admit that we have been a bit rough on our cities. We think of land art as largely environmentally friendly, and her personal instinct is to treat the city as we would treat a natural environment, and leave it pretty much as she finds it.

Beatriz Minguez de Molina

She is a Spanish visual artist. Water, sea, energy, time and space are the key words of her works.
She started taking photos obsessively since she was 11 years old and then she was given her first camera as a gift. In 2015, she opened her own studio, which allowed her to focus more on more personal projects and commissions. Her vision investigates on the representation of the underlying energy found in landscapes.

Sara Ojanguren 

Architect from Barcelona, she works in the fields of architecture, interior design and scenic spaces, digital craftsmanship and teaching. Her work methodology starts from a thorough study of the statement: its physical, technological, economic and social context, whatever its scale or budget. In this way, she obtains multiple variables; complex questions that must be answered with simple, effective and exciting answers. The result is a revealing process, where they work as creators and managers of knowledge and resources, with the aim of approaching a possible solution of balance and emotion.

Angel Cho

Live painting with various tools while generating music with a wearable that has been programmed to transform colors into sounds. The painting will be done by me and the sensor of the wearable has been created by my colleagues Vikrant Mishra and Didac Torrent at Fab Lab Barcelona.

Studio Arde

Flor and Pauli, Argentine designers based in Barcelona. Studio Arde is the form they adopted for an unlimited horizon. The space where they materialize their visions and concerns about art, design, music, urban culture… and a thousand other things that inspire them. In addition to their own brand ARDE, they function as a creative studio.

Nacho Varone

He is an Argentine multidisciplinary artist and designer currently living in Barcelona. Having worked for several years in the animation industry, Nacho always seeks to work with movement, tension and transitions through the use of instances of color, shapes or textures.

Nuria Palacin

Born and raised in Barcelona, Nuria Palacin creates illustrations of an intimate and dreamlike character where colors are combined with the idea of taking the observer to an almost surreal universe.

Lucas Estévez

Still Lifes 3000′ is an ode to still lifes, historically we have had the still life painting in the line of art history revealing us through these motifs arranged on platforms, different realities, classes, politics, interests and obsessions. Through ‘Still lifes 3000’ I seek to reinterpret the concept of still life by installing a personal abstract and geometric imaginary that coexists with almost architectural pallets. This is a mural project that stems from a current pictorial project, with the primary intention of taking the image to a large scale and make it behave with the viewer in a proportional relationship, that is, where these platforms and objects play with the human scale.


Superior Degree in Illustration and Applied Arts at the Escola Llotja de Barcelona. Part time at the Acadèmia de Barcelona. Solo exhibitions, “Sense Títol 18×19”, at Nau Bostik in Barcelona (2019) and “Quel Chouse” Vernissage EXPO, Toulouse, (2019). Marlborough Gallery (Barcelona) 2021, Plataforma Gallery (Barcelona) 2022.

El dios de los tres

Javier Navarro Romero (Almería 1985). He is a multidisciplinary illustrator, an all-rounder: a being who loves artistic creation and design. He likes to create images, symbols, aesthetics and stories from a particular colorful and vibrant world of surreal and baroque style: a mix that leaves no one indifferent.


Edgar Goás Blanco, 18/07/1990, A Coruña. Studied printmaking and illustration at the art schools Ramón Falcón in Lugo and Pablo Picasso in A Coruña respectively, ends up graduating with MH from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, 2017. Head of design and co-founder of the recording and design studio “La Séptima” in Barcelona.


Badajoz in 1979, trained in Fine Arts in Seville and resident in Barcelona. Galleries such as Art Raw NY, Mad is Mad Madrid, N2 Barcelona, Pantocrator Shangai, Addaya Mallorca and Centro 14 Alicante, the BAC Festival, Kronos Festival Barcelona and fairs such as Circa Puerto Rico or Berliner-Liste have seen her work circulate.


Said Sabir is a contemporary and urban artist from Morocco. He has realized many artistic projects in Europe which later gave him the possibility to work in the international market where he has been able to exhibit his works in many galleries, in cultural events and urban art festivals.

Flavia Rainone

Flavia Rainone is a Venezuelan artist. She has a degree in fine arts, focused on painting. Her work concentrates on the investigation of color, emotions, gesture, volume, space and the concept of reality. Her pictorial language is a mix between structuralism and abstract expressionism.


Different geometric planes with depth and continuity. Movements contained in the middle of cuts between planes where they travel through a field of symmetrical sequences that drive the rhythm and organic movement in conjunction with the nuances of the color palette in a chromatic order from light to dark. The straight lines spread and change their shape to waves by the variation of speed when passing from one plane to another in contrast to the movement in its maximum expression between the curve and the straight without brake, until radically impacting generating a harmonic composition.

Betan Prismas

Born in Caracas. Graduated in Audiovisual and Art at the Universidad Católica Andres Bello. Experience in art direction, photography and design. Currently living in Barcelona-Spain.

Tim Marsh

He is a French-Maltese artist who is currently living in Barcelona. He is a multidisciplinary artist who never stops creating and experimenting with different formats and creative styles. We can see him painting from walls to canvas, in lightpainting format, and even on skateboards, which are full of his artistic works.

His style is characterized by colorful geometric shapes, representing different themes: from animals to social satires, always trying to hide a deeper meaning to make anyone who stops to contemplate his pieces reflect.

Asis Percales

Illustrator and sketch artist. I was born in Granada in 1986 and currently live in Barcelona. Throughout my life I have combined my two passions: drawing and nature, giving rise to my own style. In my work I intermingle characters, creatures and elements of different nature, which are represented between ugliness and beauty in different situations and attitudes. The grotesque and the bizarre are elements that attract my attention and I use them as a vehicle to capture attention and transmit sensations. Deconstructed poetry devoid of apparent meaning but with a great pictorial and visual strength. Fresh, iconoclastic and erotically festive art.”


Gerard Cornella is a multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona specialized in character design, animation and illustration. His passion for animation has given him the opportunity to work for clients such as Nickelodeon, Xavier Mariscal, France TV, TVE, TV3, among others. His illustration, with a clear childish character, hides a reflective message and is not exempt of social criticism. He loves animals and chocolate.

Yoshi Sislay

He settled permanently in Barcelona in 2005 and, without any formal training, decided to focus fully on his art. All the experiences and feelings of his life make up the very fabric of his drawings. All this, combined with the ideas and contributions of many interesting people, forms a vast cauldron of continuous inspiration for him. Let’s see what happens in the future, all he can say is that he is looking forward to seeing what the future holds. In 2022, it looks like he’s still on the journey and starting to see some colors, but only some of the time….

Carola Bagnato

The image he presents for the WAC is part of a story that is being developed in mural format and then digitally animated (the first one was part of Wall Lab 2021 in Poblenou). A story that tells about the life of a man who dwells on the details, in deep search of connection with his being and with nature. On this occasion the context is interior, where he begins to nurture the bond with his power animal that will later grow to accompany him to explore his own darkness.

Typo Rosa

Aluizio Rosa aka Typo Rosa is a multidisciplinary Portuguese artist based in Barcelona, whose main focus of his art is in lettering and graphic design. From his passion for lettering, he seeks to explore for these different applications, from corporate graphics, to street art format through murals.


Luisa is Vektorama and Vektorama is Luisa. Vector illustration with large doses of graphic design, impossible perspectives and above all color, lots of color.


He is a Mexican illustrator and advertising creative who has spent half of his life in Barcelona. His art is friendly and approachable, but with a message. Pabs is distinguished by his simple, expressive, colorful and deep style, regardless of the technique he uses. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Berlin and has participated in several art festivals. He presents a work that speaks of leaving fears behind and looking for a way out. To believe again and be yourself.

Alícia Vogel

Graduated in Fine Arts specializing in engraving and silkscreen printing, she has exhibited her work in several galleries in Barcelona and Japan. The work of Alícia Vogel, which always revolves around illustration, hides a deep universe full of symbolism that gives off a raw and shocking beauty, an imaginary of the everyday with polyhedral meanings, accompanied by her characteristic calligraphy, instinctive and unlearned, which embraces the error as part of her work.

Vogel creates her pieces in paper format, but also resorts to textile support, since he has been trained as a superior technician in plastic arts and design in textile art, and understands the textile as a format with its own meaning that expands the narrative of his work.


Votto is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro based in Barcelona, Spain. Immersed in an urban landscape, Votto works with diverse media, such as drawings, graffiti, tattoos, design and collage. His main references are nocturnal creatures that are imperceptible during the day, but found in the streets or in the depths of the ocean at night. Gradually he builds with a black squeezer organic forms that unfold the anatomy of nature and also deconstruct its common categorization. By altering the size of the bones of animals and other creatures, the artist not only proposes a new way of looking, but seeks to redefine the existing hierarchies between them.

No queda Tinte

Her name is Marina. She was born in Barcelona in 1990. She graduated in graphic design at BAU university design center, where, later, she took a master’s degree in Motion Graphics and 3D, and later, the university master’s degree in Research and Experimentation in Design. She works as a freelancer and collaborates with several studios with all kinds of projects; packaging, marketing, branding, illustration, etc. In 2015 she started collaborating with Bau in the follow-up of final projects and currently teaches in several of the project classes. After being awarded the 2018 Crema Award at the Blanc Festival, she received the talent belt awarded to the best emerging design studio. And the possibility of further training with a Master’s Degree in PostGraphics.

Sònia Toneu

Her artistic research focuses on abstraction, through painting, installation and digital media, as a way of proposing realities different from those we perceive. She completed the Higher Diploma in Plastic Arts and Mural Arts Design at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and moved to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya to complete the Bachelor of Arts. She has also studied Art History, Graphic Design, Art Management and a Master in Artistic Practices.


Artist and illustrator from Calella, Barcelona. She works with different materials such as ceramics, iron, stones, glass, wood, etc. in drawing, painting, illustration, installation.


A multimedia artist from the Netherlands based in Barcelona. His background is sculpture/mixed media but from his studio he uses 3D graphics as his main tool, focusing on Augmented and Virtual Reality. He has a fascination for coding, game design principles and generative art on the one hand, and Primitivism on the other, aiming to create a dialogue between the past and the future.
PHONK brings the Found Object Art Movement into the digital realm; searching the internet for 3D digital elements and giving them new contexts by painting and (re)assembling them in 3D, and finally placing his digital creations in physical spaces through his Augmented Reality platform “A Digital Canvas”.