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OCTOBER 19, 2023 | 17h to 20h | Design Hub Barcelona

The Urban Talks are an itinerant series of talks, organized by Poblenou Urban District, La Plataforma and Life In The Woods, which aim to open a debate with citizens about culture and creativity within the urban environment.



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Urban Talks


Moderated by Frankie Pizá, the seventh edition questions if we can really find innovative projects within an environment marked by relentless competition for attention and audience engagement, where we all are, to some extent, nomads who transit between physical and digital spaces.

Is it possible, amidst the ongoing continuum of project research, to find solutions that can genuinely connect us with the environment and the problems of the people who live in these places? Can something relevant be transmitted without belonging to a specific place and repeating the formulas that circulate in digital regions?

In this new edition we will immerse ourselves in a series of proposals that seek to reinvent creative collaboration through the use of digital tools and reflect on the issues of deterritorialization of artists engaging with experts, artists and theorists.

TALK #1: “Art and creative processes in times of permanent tourism”

Framed in the excessive consumption imposed by postmodernity and affected by the symptoms of the so-called “hyperculture”, we are all in a certain way permanent “tourists”. Unable to remember and analyze, we navigate creative contexts and disciplines under the requirement of multidisciplinarity. And the territory, increasingly inhospitable, is gradually expelling us.

In this round table we will consult artistic and professional groups about the intentions of today’s artist and in what ways contact with the ground, reality, place and community can be recovered so as not to fall into the pathological reproduction of the self portrait

TALK #1 speakers:

TALK #2: “Machines that paint: A conversation with Lolo & Sosaku”

Lolo & Sosaku investigate the possibilities of sculpture as an expanded field. The nexus that unites his work is the search for an object in contact with the environment and the viewer, creating friction and tension, and exploring the ability to generate new meanings.

At this table we will have the opportunity to chat with this Argentinian-Japanese artist duo established in Barcelona, about the importance of spaces, machines and the hidden forces that guide life in our technological age.

TALK #2 speakers:



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